14th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science, IAFSS2023, Tsukuba, Japan


Workshops (pre-event of the symposium) will take place during 21 (@Hotel Nikko Tsukuba) - 22 (@symposium venue) Oct., 2023. As announced, the due of registration to attend workshop is 6 Oct (same as online registration due). Thank you for your kind understanding.


Attendees of workshops must check-in prior to attending their first session to receive all materials for the symposium (e.g., name tag, conference bag, program booklet etc). Once check-in is completed, your status shall remain valid until the last day of the symposium (no need to re-check-in)

◆ 21 Oct (Sat)

Please be aware that the workshop (WS) scheduled on 21 Oct. (Sat) will be held at Hotel Nikko Tsukuba (not the symposium venue). There are two conference rooms, “Subaru” (in Main bldg.) and “Jupiter” (in Annex bldg.). The registration desks are located near “Jupiter” (Please note if you come from Tsukuba station as introduced above, you are in 2nd floor of main building). Please check-in at the desk to receive materials including your name tag.

How to reach from Tsukuba station to Hotel Nikko Tsukuba

#Jupiter (Annex Building)
#Subaru (Main Building)

Bento-style lunch will be served on 21 Oct (only to registered guests). Regular and vegetarian bento are available, however, we do not have choice for halal and vegan. If you only accept halal and vegan, please consider bringing your own lunch.

◆ 22 Oct (Sun)

Workshop (WS) scheduled on 22 Oct. (Sun) will be held at symposium venue (Tsukuba international congress center: Epochal Tsukuba) (map). There are three conference rooms for the WS (for oral presentation): “mid-hall 200”, conference room “101”, and conference room “102”. WS poster session (not symposium poster session) will be in conference room “202”. The registration desk will be located at conference room “201” (2F). Please visit here if you have not yet checked in to receive materials including your name tag. If you have been completed the check-in on 21 Oct at Hotel Nikko Tsukuba, you are free to come in rooms directly. Please do not forget to bring your name tag!

Catering-style lunch will be served on 22 Oct (only for registered guests). Guests will pick from the selections per their preference. Major food allergies will be identified. Yet, if you have strict limitation, please consider bringing your own lunch.

Building map of Tsukuba international congress center
(convention hall 200, conference room 101, conference room 102)